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Lighting Control Reforms Adopted
Monday, November 30, 2015
by: BOMA

Section: Association Business

After almost a year of working with the Energy Commission, Docket No. 15-BSTD-01 was adopted to address issues related to the 2016 Building Energy Efficiency Standards Lighting Retrofit Code.

As California’s energy code has lead the way in the nation making sure that our buildings are the most efficient in the country, from time-to-time regulations may not work out in the real world as they do on paper. Even with thorough analysis and an inclusive stakeholder process, the lighting retrofit requirements in question have turned out to be more complicated and burdensome to implement than expected when the Commission adopted the package.

On behalf of the commercial, industrial, and retail real estate industry we worked with the CEC and other stakeholders on regulatory language that will still achieve the same, if not greater, energy savings by providing an alternative path to compliance, which will bring down the cost and complication of compliance in some instances and assure that fewer tenant improvements are stalled due to a cost effectiveness concerns.

We thank the CEC and its staff for working through to a fix on this issue. Here is part of a press release they sent on this topic:

“The Energy Commission adopted nonresidential lighting standards that allow for several cost effective approaches to lighting upgrades. Compared to the 2013 lighting alteration standards, the newly adopted standards are expected to save an additional 112 gigawatt hours of electricity per year – equivalent to the annual electricity use in about 16,000 homes. Energy efficiency building standards are updated every three years. These nonresidential lighting standards are part of the broader 2016 Building Energy Efficiency Standards adopted in June.”

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