Building Owners and Managers Association

Improving the Performance of the Commercial Real Estate Industry

Asset Management Series

offered in "odd" years
High Performance Training for High-Performance Real Estate Teams
The asset management series is targeted for commercial real estate property managers with 3-5 years’ experience. The courses are designed to help property managers better understand the function of the asset manager in order to be more valuable to the entire commercial team, from owner on down. Courses include:
Measuring Financial Returns
Lease Analysis, Valuation, Negotiation and Approval
Measuring Financial Returns
Portfolio Management and Capital Markets
ValuCreation Strategies at the Property Level
Each course is approximately two days in length (12-16 hours) and designed to be delivered in a live classroom setting. 
The first course to be released is Lease Analysis, Valuation, Negotiation and Approval. Topics in this course include:
The Real Estate Asset Manager
Economic Impact on Real Estate Fundamentals and Lease Negotiations
Negotiating Strategies
Parties involved in the Lease Negotiation
Choosing a Brokerage Team
Deal Transaction Flow
Principal Lease Terms and Provisions
New Lease Case Study
Value Creation at the Property Level