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Southern California Edison (SCE)

Charge Ready Program
To support California’s zero-emission vision, we’re kicking off the Charge Ready Program by deploying infrastructure to support qualified electric vehicle (EV) charging stations throughout our service territory.

We’re working with local government agencies, employers, multi-unit dwellings, disadvantaged communities and more to install charging stations at certain locations where cars may be parked for four hours or more. 

Why should you participate? Besides providing added convenience for employees, tenants, customers, and others who already drive EVs,
increasing the availability of charging stations through the Charge Ready Program will encourage greater use of EVs, and thereby reduce reliance on fossil fuels. Additionally, driving EVs helps reduce air pollution and greenhouse gas emissions. Program enrollment begins in 2016 and will close once the program’s funds are fully committed.

Interested in adding EV charging stations to your site?

Charge Ready FAQs
Charge Ready Program  Details
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How Your Company Can Benefit
If you’re weighing whether or not to install charging stations, there are several benefits to consider.
Receive a rebate that may offset some or all costs for deploying charging stations
Attract and retain employees, tenants, and customers
Significantly reduce the upfront cost to expand or convert your vehicle fleet to EVs
Demonstrate your corporate social responsibility