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Speaking Opportunities

What Can You Bring to the BOMA Table?

What We're Looking For
At BOMA, we are always looking to be at the forefront of the industry with the highest quality content. We review numerous submissions, so here are some hints and tips to help your submission(s) stand out:

Tactics & Takeaways
Keep in mind that our attendees are looking for tangible takeaways that they can implement when returning to the office.

Focus on the "How To's", not the "Why's"
We are looking for speakers to spend their time on explaining how to make the most out of whichever topic they are speaking on, rather than spending their time telling attendees why that topic is important.

High-level Strategies
It is important to hear key strategic thinking from thought leaders in the industry, so this can form great content for our agendas.

Fresh and Innovative Perspectives
We are always keen to present fresh and unique content at BOMA. Please do not submit the presentations that have been done several times at other events.

Case Studies
Our attendees love to hear how other businesses have approached a key challenge. Any case studies or examples that you can present will always go down well at BOMA and be looked at favorably in the speaker selection process.

Pitfalls to Avoid
Our attendees also love learning about what not to do, or how other organizations learned from their mistakes.

Hot Topics and New Takes on an Existing Topic
As you all know, this industry is constantly changing and evolving, so we want to ensure BOMA programs features the hottest topics. Submitting new topic ideas or a new take on an existing topic is always a winner.

Videos of Previous Speaking Gigs
There is nothing better than being able to see you as a speaker in action at another event!

Don't Pitch Products or Services
This is probably the most important point about participating as a speaker. Attendees come to BOMA to hear unbiased presentations, and we do not tolerate pitches for any kind of product or service. Please keep your abstract and presentation focused purely on education. Being a speaker at BOMA and showcasing your thought leadership on the subject you are presenting is truly the best advertisement for your business.

The Evaluation Process
Members of the Education, Industry Luncheons and Young Leaders Committees evaluate proposed programs based on the following criteria: overall quality, relevance to the industry, well-defined focus within the program track structure, practical applications of material, timeliness of the topic and speaker qualifications.

Please note due to the overwhelming number of submissions we receive, only individuals who are selected to speak will receive a reply. Although we truly appreciate all your ideas and proposals, it is simply not feasible for us to respond personally to every submission.

Bio, Pictures and Abstract Formats
When filling out the submission form, write your bio and abstract in the 3rd person as it would be listed on our website. Remember, even if you are making a proposal for an existing program that already has an abstract, you MUST provide an abstract with your submission detailing what content you would bring to that session. Our preferred format for abstracts is a few lines followed by a few bullet points listing the takeaways and what attendees will learn from the session.

Presentation Format
Most of our sessions are either 2-person panel presentations or solo sessions. The 2-person panels allow each speaker 25 minutes to present, followed by a joint 10 minutes of Q&A run by the moderator. There are some sessions that will be discussion panels and these may feature 3 or 4 panelists in one session.  Any materials 
you provide should be original; otherwise, sources must be referenced.