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The Outstanding Buildings of the Year

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What are the TOBY’s?
The Outstanding Buildings of the Year Awards. TOBY Awards recognize the best commercial properties for operational excellence around the world.

How do I know if my building is eligible?
There are 15 categories representing various office buildings and other property types (detailed category descriptions). As long as your property falls into one of these categories, your building/property is eligible. Often, a building/property qualifies for more than one category. A committee chair can help you determine the best category for you.

What is the timeline?
Applications are due by July 31. Judging tours are conducted September-October. Awards winners are announced at the Annual Awards Gala in November.

What do I need to do to prepare my building?
The asset is evaluated on specific judging criteria. Each participant receives a judging sheet with these criteria, which should be used to prepare for the tour. Additionally, each property team should create a path of travel showcasing these areas within the allotted tour time. A 15-minute presentation should be prepared to discuss items that are not included in the tour.

What is involved with the TOBY tour?
The TOBY tour includes a property tour and presentation. There is no need to prepare a binder with written descriptions to compete in the local competition. Once a participant wins at the local level, an online submission will be prepared to enter into the regional competition as part of the Pacific Southwest Region held in March.

Does it cost a lot to prepare my building?
A well-managed and well-maintained building is mostly ready any day of the year. Therefore, it should not cost much to prepare the building for the tour. Sometimes, all a property needs is some detailed cleaning and focus of attention on specific judging criteria and areas.

What if I have questions while I am preparing my building?
A mentor from the TOBY Committee will be assigned to each participant right away. This person will be available to answer all your questions, help prepare a tour and coordinate preparation of areas that will be judged.

What’s in it for me?
First and foremost, you can take pride in your asset. Also, entering your asset offers a great opportunity for team-building. Teams can receive recognition from their owners, managers and industry peers.

What’s in it for ownership?
An award-winning building is a great marketing tool for existing and potential tenants, and nothing is better than being awarded the best in the business!

I’m really busy and don’t think I have any time.
Time spent preparing the physical areas, is time well spent. Areas to be judged should be well maintained as a part of any good management program. Additional time spent preparing your asset and team for the tour is great for team-building.

My building is old. How can I compete with newer buildings?
TOBY is about "recognizing excellence in building management, operational efficiency, tenant retention, emergency planning and community impact.” Architecture is not the focus… this is NOT a beauty contest.

My property does not have a specific area to fulfill part of the judging criteria.
If your building does not have a specific item that is included on the scoring sheet (e.g. no management office, no chiller room, no exterior landscaping, etc.), that criterion will be excluded from your total score. In other words, you will not be “docked” for not having something that you do not have. However, you must explain in your presentation why it was excluded from the tour.

My building is in the middle of capital improvements, which will not be finished by the tour date.
Buildings undergo capital improvements, of some kind, at any given time. If the improvement in progress is not included in the judging criteria, the work will not affect judging. If the improvement in progress is part of the judging criteria, an explanation of the process should be given. If visual aids are available, they should be shared.

Should I wait until next year?
No time like the present! We are all part of a dynamic, ever-changing industry. If you enter and do not win this year, you still will have gained invaluable experience that will better prepare you to enter and win next year!

How does the scoring work?
Judges work from specific scoring sheets, which are given to each participant. Approximately eight judges (representing ownership and property management) judge all buildings entered in a particular category. One building in each of the qualifying categories will be awarded as the winner upon attaining a minimum score of 70% or higher. Winners are honored at the elegant Annual Awards Gala in November.

How do I enter?
Complete the TOBY Application and submit the non-refundable entry fee of $250.

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“BOMA continues to be a go to resource on pending legislation affecting our industry, on training and education for our managers and building engineers and for networking. BOMA's current topics and leading experts that speak at the luncheons enhance RiverRock's internal training programs. Our participation in The Office Building of the Year Awards is very important to our clients and staff. We use our wins each year in our marketing campaigns and materials.”

John Combs
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